Support Imformation For GK-U02

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to you for choosing X-PRO powersports vehicles. As a company dedicated to providing high-quality vehicles, we are honored to offer you premium products and services.

Our vehicles are not fully assembled and require assembly skills. Additionally, tuning up and maintenance require mechanical knowledge before and during use. We recommend seeking a professional to handle the assembly.

Since you buy vehicle from us, please contact our service team through our Message System for quick resolution of technical or other issues. We'll do our utmost to assist you until the matter is resolved.

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We have sufficient parts in stock, if you need get here

  • Get parts here: GK-U02 / TL125GK-C(Rover 125)

  • X-PRO TL125GK-C 125cc Go Kart  Manual

    click here to download Owner's Manual


    X-PRO TL125GK-C 125cc Go Kart Quick Guide

    click here to download Owner's Quick Guide


    X-PRO TL125GK-C 125cc Go Kart  Assembly Video

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